"And I will continue to stand by my mantra… The question was asked of
me once, how do you hit on an Amish girl? My answer: You don’t hit on
Amish girls, you make promises to her. And when you have proven you
can keep those promises, you might just win her heart. And when you
win her heart then you can hit on her all you want for the rest of
her life. (There might be something here that applies to all girls.) I believe
the culture has it turned around. Flirtation is the suggestion of a
promise that you begin with. Then perhaps there is the official promise
(in an expensive accessory) which renders flirtation useless for the
rest of one’s life—leading to a lifetime of bitterness and resentment
and frustration as a result of all those little unfulfilled promises."


"I used to hate the mentality of my single friends who were always on
the hunt to find a significant other in anything of the opposite sex
that walked. I used to speak scathingly of this odd species of human
singleness, until I figured out that “the couple in love” was
regarded the only acceptable form of human community in this society.
Even a close family is a weird and strange thing. Only couples could
be close or in other words, “in community”. And by the time one was
old enough to become a couple with someone else, one would be so
starved for “community” or “mutual relationship of a ‘free’ and
enriching type” that they would forsake all others, literally, and
become two isolated, starved, pieces of humanity, sucking the life
out of each other, which leaves us with the former state of affairs
multiplied by 2, exerting the force of x squared upon the world (x
representing the amount of children they decided to have). This state
of affairs and the people caught in it seriously impeded with my
opportunity to have an enriching and mutually edifying relationship
with the opposite sex. I despised it. And I still do."

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